8 03 2007


Old man Ricky Powell hosts this NYC-based talk show, his guest: Fab 5 Freddy. Click here to watch Episode 3 of the new season. 

Episode 2 w/ John Joseph McGowan (Cro-Mags) and Episode 1 w/ Ralph McDaniels (old school hiphop VJ) are also on YouTube.

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8 03 2007

The Weekly Drop will air a pretty special episode next week (Im assuming), Stash was in Boston and the WD crew had a chat with him.. Stay tuned.



7 03 2007

BRAVE Art is a subversive visual art exhibit showcasing diverse artists individual expressions collectively fused into a group show with the common thread of street and skate culture. The show will include pieces from some the world’s best street & graffiti artists. Original works and limited edition prints will be exhibited and available for sale at BRAVE Art. In addition to many artists painting live, there’ll be music, drinks, DJ Iron Mike and the after party!

Artists featured in the show include: HAZE, Sam Flores, Ricky Powell, Bigfoot, 7th Letter Crew, Jesse Reno, Chris Yormick, Ginger Che, Eneri Abilar, Vapor Design, Shilo, Wes Humpston, Shepard Fairey, Misk, Andy Howell, Freddi C, Mars-1, Kelsey Brookes, Russ Pope, Ashley Montague, Skurniture, Sean Keany and others. BRAVE Art is being supported by UNIV, Vapor Studio, Zoo York, Boost and When In Rome. For more information, go to www.braveartshow.com

UNIV brings the BRAVE Art Show to Encinitas California March 15 – 18 2007. With the opening Party March 15 at 7pm. Check the flyer below for details!


The UNIV concept shop featuring uniquely selected footwear, apparel and accessories is located in downtown Encinitas California at 1053 South Coast Highway 101. UNIV is open every day from 10am until 7pm. For more information, please call 760.942.UNIV…


16 02 2007

The Clones is a french based media news site.  They publish in both Frech and English, which is handy.

Their content seems to be a little widespread, covering just about anything that can be considered to be design related. The layout is pretty boring, I switched off after 30 seconds.


14 02 2007

Weekly Drop are getting a little like buses; you wait a long time for one to come along, then loads come at the same time!

3 new weekly drop podcasts have been released this week.

have a feeling that you were waiting for this because we were. Finally, WeeklyDrop catches up with J-Money of The J Money Collection, Vehicle Skate Boards & LTD. Listen in as we discuss J Money’s early career and what broken limb made him hone his graphic design skills.

Another internet audio first! Keola Rapoza came from the Fitted Hawaii headquarters on the island of Oahu for his time to shine. We have wanted to hear from these cats for a long time and what better time then at Magic. Ola talks about running the first headwear boutique in the solar system, and why he and his boys fight each other for fun!

Do you remember what you were doing 12 years ago? Some of you listeners were barely conscious when one of the original street wear brands began their reign of terror. For over a decade, our boys over at the 10th Division have been producing some of the illest garments available. Using bold in your face graphics, quality cut & sew, with a twist of that “New York State of Mind”, 10.Deep has become the premier street wear company. So what do you do when you’ve been in the game for that long? Don’t know? We didn’t either… luckily we had a chance to speak to Scott and Josh about it. Listen in!

We ‘PHD’ are awaiting our ‘£1 for Lee Quinones’ mention on the Weekly Drop. Fingers crossed


14 02 2007

Our good friends over at the Royal have released another issue of their online ‘free’ magazine; The Royal Magazine.

Features include:

  • Thirteenth Generation
  • Young Meagher
  • Artful Dodger
  • Folklore of Okami
  • Faceless Art

Get your copy NOW

WeeklyDrop 19: Nima from Digital Gravel

28 09 2006

By now you should be in the Weekly Drop loop, if not: were have you been??

Digital Gravel. Back form Vegas, WeeklyDrop spends some time with Digital Gravel’s head honcho Nima. Started as an idea for a mall store, Digital Gravel has grown into one of the most respected online boutiques, carrying a slew of in demands brands. We dip into Nima’s knowledge in retail to get a better view into why so many pieces are so hard to get, as well as answering the big question: Who is the girl anwering phones?? Oh, we should also add that we got a major giveaway thanks to Nima and Digital Gravel on this show. Its aint small. Listen in.

Download WeeklyDrop EP19 with Nima from Digital Gravel (2006 26 09)

Episode Links:
Digital Gravel