9 03 2007

J Money has teamed up with Boost™ x Retail Mafia™ to bring one hyped Motorola™ i835 Phone Kit.

Limited to only 50 sets, you will have to be damn quick to get one.




7 03 2007

Mobile collaborations are becoming common ground.  WESC have teamed up with Nokia to produce what could be described as ‘boring’, 3250

A special edition of the popular Nokia 3250, a camera phone + music player, will be release end of this month. Designed by WESC, it will be ship with a full suite of accessories: WESC passport holder, WESC cellphone strap. WESC travel guide, eye mask, Sennheiser PX 100 headphone, a microSD memory chip with a digital version of the WESC travel guide, and a spare skate board wheel.

LaCie Unveils First FireWire Speakers

5 03 2007


Sometimes, as speakers get smaller, so does the sound. Not so with the first ever FireWire bus powered speakers by Lacie.

Designed by Neil Poulton, these little wonders have a minimum output of 5W, producing amazingly clear sound. The fact that they are firewire powered means that they do not need an AC adapter, resulting in better portability and less cable clutter.

The sleek, and simple design perfectly reflect their brilliant function – simple and clear. And for $79, its a steal.

Check them out.


5 03 2007


Impress your cat with this handy little ‘TO-FU’ USB charger from Japan’s Devilrobots. Thanks to Guillotine for the spot.

iPod Nano GelaSkin

29 01 2007

Are you getting bored of how your iPod looks?  Well, I know that I am.

There are loads of skins out there, but they all seem to be a little, well crap!  Urban Retro has answered our problems ‘how ever small they may be’.

GQ Taiwan x Microsoft x Freshness Presents: FUSED

19 10 2006

Talk about a monster collab. GQ Taiwan, Microsoft, and Freshness are joining forces to present to the masses, FUSED. FUSED is both a celebration and an exhibit that mixes technology and sub-culture artistic expressions. 10 artists which includes 123KLAN (France), DAVE WHITE (UK) , DED (UK) , HONEST (US) , DOPPEL (Japan) , MEG aka Trip (Japan) , PHUNK STUDIO (Singapore), SBTG (Singapore), ELECTROLYCHEE (Philippines), and, BOUNCE (Taiwan) were chosen to convey their exceptional art styles onto Microsoft XBOX 360’s. Once these XBOX 360’s have been displayed, a charity auction will be held for them with all proceeds going to WORLD VISION CHARITY.


Its a shame that its not English

Exhibition Date: October 10th (Tuesday) – October 22 (Sunday)

Eslite Bookstore (Hsin-Yi Flagship) 1st Floor
11, SongGao Road, Hsin-Yi District,
Taipei, Taiwan

Image/Info: Freshness , Hypebeast




Come Here Little Brooklyn! Come!

7 08 2006

Check out Brad-Digital’s latest creation Little Brooklyn

little brooklyn