6 03 2007


1 FEED bag = 1 child fed for 1 school year.

The FEED bag is a joint project between Lauren Bush, Honorary Spokesperson, and the United Nations World Food Program. The proceeds of each bag go to FEED one hungry child in school for one year. For many children, this is the only meal they will receive all day. WFP fed 21.7 million children in 74 countries in 2005. Yet 350 million kids in the world still go to bed hungry every night. Hunger and malnutrition kill more people than AIDS, malaria, and TB combined. In fact, every five seconds a child dies because he or she is hungry. Each FEED bag will raise awareness about child hunger as well as give an education, a full belly, and a brighter future to one hungry kid.






5 03 2007

Have you just won the lottery?  Is you Teflon shirt not stopping bullets?

If the answer is YES to any of the above then why not get this:

This ornate, heavyweight suit of armour dates from the end of Japan’s Edo period (1603–1867), a time when power in the country had been usurped from the emperors by dynasties of shoguns (military dictators). The armour’s heavy construction means it is likely to have been worn by a high-ranking samurai who was considered worthy of extra protection.

The chest plate is adorned with a house crest rendered in gold, further suggesting the high status of the original owner of this suit.

This authentic and complete set of Samurai Warrior Armour is on display at the maharishi store, Covent Garden. The armour is in Superior condition and a living relic of ancient Feudal Japan.

Weighing in at only £10,000 why not treat yourself.  I currently have two ‘Pink and Gunmetal’. Available now at Maharishi.


9 02 2007

World Press Photo of the Year 2006 shows young Lebanese driving through a devastated neighborhood of South Beirut August 15, 2006. The prize-winning entries were announced on February 9, 2007.

Is that a Mini?


Ian Reids Video

14 12 2006

Just how far can skating take you?

We cant wait to see the full film!

Ian Reid’s video is on sale now @ Supreme, KCDC, Autumn, 2nd Nature, Division East, aNYthing, Rival, NJ Skateshop, and other select retailers.

Stussy World Tour Movie Trailer

14 12 2006

A taste of the Stussy World Tour Movie.

The DVD is due out this month ‘December’. As of yet we can not find any stockist, let us know if you have any luck.


6 12 2006

The Royal have just launched their new website along with two new issues ‘issue 8 and issue 9’ ‘a staggering free 214 pages’.

If you are already a loyal Royal reader ‘say that quick’, then you know what to expect. If not, then you are in for a treat. You could say that the Royal is the written equivalent to the Weekly Drop podcast, featuring interview from Crooks and Castles, Talib Kweli, Common, SAS, Hypebeast and the Weekly Drop duo ‘Dave and Geoff’.

The artwork in The Royal is second to none and we always flick through for a little inspiration.

So, what are you waiting for, get yourself over to the Royal and become a loyal Royal subscriber via pdf.

The Royal

‘P.S. We are still waiting for our Royal hard copies in the post’.


WeeklyDrop 19: Nima from Digital Gravel

28 09 2006

By now you should be in the Weekly Drop loop, if not: were have you been??

Digital Gravel. Back form Vegas, WeeklyDrop spends some time with Digital Gravel’s head honcho Nima. Started as an idea for a mall store, Digital Gravel has grown into one of the most respected online boutiques, carrying a slew of in demands brands. We dip into Nima’s knowledge in retail to get a better view into why so many pieces are so hard to get, as well as answering the big question: Who is the girl anwering phones?? Oh, we should also add that we got a major giveaway thanks to Nima and Digital Gravel on this show. Its aint small. Listen in.

Download WeeklyDrop EP19 with Nima from Digital Gravel (2006 26 09)

Episode Links:
Digital Gravel