Adidas Light Side ‘Yodas’ have arrived!

25 11 2007

True to our word we have one pair of Adidas Yodas.

  • Size: UK 10, D 10, 44 2/3, US 10.5, J 285

Due to the demand that we have received ‘over 50 requests’; the kicks are going to auction.The kicks will be on Ebay tomorrow ‘Monday 25th November’! GET THERE NOW  



15 11 2007

You may be wondering just where we have been for the last few months??  Some may say playing too much PS3, but the truth is that we have been in search of the Force.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars and part of its ongoing Consortium series. Adidas brings us the Force Pack.  Two styles will be released ‘one Dark and one Light‘ – some say Inspired by Darth Vader and Yoda.  Speculation on release numbers varies from 250 to 500 per model, all we know is that they are next to impossible to get hold of.

We can confirm that we ‘PHD‘ will be getting one pair of each style.  Stay posted for updates…

Adidas Force Pack 'phd'

Adidas Force Pack 'phd' Adidas Yoda

Adidas Force Pack 'phd' Adidas Darth Dader