9 03 2007


Its been a while since the last Crooked Tongues party! Their Clyde colab has been a huge success though, so it deserves a party! I read on one of the CT forum members signature the other day ‘clydes are the new dunks’ pretty funny I thought! But hey… I still like them! In actual fact I wore some city attack dunks today, so I guess that means I still like dunks too..

the PUMA Crooked Clyde event takes place on March 22nd from 7:30-11:00pm at London’s legendary 100 Club, located on Oxford Street, celebrating the essence of Britain’s b-boy heritage, with DJs Ollie Teeba (one half of The Herbaliser) and Nottingham’s own P Brothers (Heavy Bronx) dropping electro-themed sets, plus breaking from Second II None and SIN Cru battling, repping the Crooked colours with a nod to the coordinated PUMA outfits of the seminal Beat Street subway scene, as well as a performance from pioneering ex-Demon Boy, Million Dan. The usual Crooked Tongues party spirit will be in full effect to toast the success of the CT Clydes and commemorate the release of the third and final shoe, while paying dues to the culture that took the New York influence and ran with it, UK style…




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