6 03 2007

space invader

In the 80’s, there wasn’t a corner store that didn’t have a Space Invaders arcade game in it. Enthusiasts would line up their coins on the glass table console, marking their position as the next challenger in line.


Today, over 25 years later, that infamous digital design has a strong presence in urban fashion and accessories.
From original vintage T-shirts, through to modern hoodies, scarfs and sneakers, the mark of the Invaders screams ‘retro funk’. This iconic legend has even weaved its way into other design realms with a range of stylized wallpaper and even gift-wrapping available.


Whether your pulling apart another 80’s icon, The Rubix Cube, and creating a Space Invaders mosaic on your skateboard, or simply sporting the T-shirt, its great to see Space Invaders are alive and kicking today




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