Stan Smith x 123Klan: End to End Project

20 02 2007



I have never been a fan of Stan Smiths, but these have caught my attention. Nice to see our friends at Crooked Tongues involved.

This is the special release of a new Adidas Stan Smith in collaboration with the 123Klan. This release is part of Crooked Tongues, U-Dox, Adidas, and Footlocker’s “End to End Project,” which is a graffiti inspired collection of Adidas For those that don’t know, the 123Klan is a graffiti art design group started by artists Mrs Klor and Scien. The 123 Klan and its other members started as special invited artists and exhibitors at special conferences and events worldwide. They then took their art to a new level when they became the first to mix graffiti and graphic art on the web. Now the 123Klan do all kinds of projects from walls, to posters, flyers, illustrations and more on their own terms for different clients.




2 responses

14 03 2007

where can i get these sneakers???
I´ve tried a lot of websites, but i can´t find them for sale..
Thank you for answering,

14 03 2007

The kicks will be available at the end of the month ‘March’ in various sneaker stores. Should be easy to find

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