PIMP HAT! ‘ALIFE x Kangol “Il Padrino” fedora’

28 01 2007

It doesn’t come any more high end than this…………… A real labour of love, this project took over a year to put together and everything about this project shines with pure premium, no expense spared quality.

Downtown Manhattan creative collective, ALIFE, and London based hatmaker, KANGOL, have spent a year collaborating on ‘IL PADRINO’, a classic, black, fur felt fedora box set, packaged with an accessory pack of hatpins and feathers, which can be interchanged and added to the hat according to an outfit or mood of the wearer.

Each box set merges 3 products in one, to create an heirloom that can be passed on for generations:

At £750 each, these PIMP hats do not come cheap! So when you are walking down the street is your full PIMP suit with matching ALIFE x Kangol PIMP hat, and some dirty little chav swipes the hat from your head; make sure you are wearing your Nikes, because you will be chasing him ‘£750 running away’.




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