30 01 2007

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Edition #10 of 35 – Expression Series Lee Quinones…

Thats right, we are having a PHD £1 prize raffle.

Up for grabs; a pair of Adidas 35th Anniversary Lee Quinones ‘Uk size 9.5, Us size 10’, box fresh! The retail value is £300+, with only 4000 pairs produced.

Born in Ponce De Leon, PR and raised in NYC, Lee Qunones is considered perhaps the single most influential artist of the 1970’s New York City Subway Graffiti movement. A recent inductee into the permanent collection of the Whitney museum of American art, Lee also starred in the 80’s Hip-Hop cult classic “Wild Style”.



What do you have to do to have a chance of winning…

Simply click ‘here‘ and send us £1 using the Paypal payment system.

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the 1st of April.

50% of donations will be given to Children in Need

What is Children in Need

Each year since 1980, the BBC has set aside one evening of programming on its flagship television channel, BBC One, to show events aimed at raising money for charities working with children in the UK. BBC coverage also extends across the BBC’s other television channels and national and local radio channels. A mascot called ‘Pudsey’, a teddy bear with a bandage over one eye, was introduced in 1985 and has become a regular feature. Children in Need was registered as a charity in 1989.

The appeal gains the majority of its money from donations of private individuals who may themselves have raised the funds by taking part in sponsored events. Sponsored sitting in a bath of baked beans is a perennial favourite. Companies also donate either money directly or benefits in kind, such as HSBC donating banking facilities, and BT donating telephone lines and operatives. On the night of the televised appeal, donations are solicited by celebrities appearing on the seven-hour long programme performing various activities such as sketches or musical numbers, intermixed with featurettes showing what the money will be used for. Featured celebrities often include those from programmes on the BBC’s rival ITV network, including some appearing in-character, and/or from the sets of their own programmes. A sketch by BBC newsreaders has become an annual fixture (most recently Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in 2005 and a ‘James Bond’ theme in 2006). Stars of newly-opened West End musicals regularly perform a number from their show later in

the evening after ‘curtain call’ in their respective theatres. The total raised so far is frequently flashed on screen, with presenters urging viewers to part with “any penny they can spare” to help push the total beyond the target milestone.

Though Children in Need is welcomed by a large proportion of the British public, there are some who offer an alternative view, that the portrayal of children, particularly disabled children, as victims is unfortunate and counter-productive. It is argued that a change in social attitudes will benefit the disadvantaged more than money and public sympathy.

The money contributed to Children in Need is distributed to small children’s charities.


iPod Nano GelaSkin

29 01 2007

Are you getting bored of how your iPod looks?  Well, I know that I am.

There are loads of skins out there, but they all seem to be a little, well crap!  Urban Retro has answered our problems ‘how ever small they may be’.

NY FA+Tattoo Seven year edition Full Set.

28 01 2007

Have you got a spare £570??

michael lau celebrates 7 years of being at the forefront of the designer toy revolution with his latest set of releases……….

8 sets were released, comprising of 2 figures (NY Fat + Tattoo) in a 14 inch high metal ‘Crylon Tin’. Launched at the michael lau gallery in Hong Kong last week, they have now arrived here in the UK.

Each NY Fat figure is clad in a maharishi or mhi camouflage print jacket, all of which are direct copies of existing 1:1 scale jackets.

These are highly collectable. Only if we ‘PHD’ had £570 to spare ‘to be honest, we would probably go on the lash, but eh’.


NY FA+Tattoo Seven year edition Full Set.

PIMP HAT! ‘ALIFE x Kangol “Il Padrino” fedora’

28 01 2007

It doesn’t come any more high end than this…………… A real labour of love, this project took over a year to put together and everything about this project shines with pure premium, no expense spared quality.

Downtown Manhattan creative collective, ALIFE, and London based hatmaker, KANGOL, have spent a year collaborating on ‘IL PADRINO’, a classic, black, fur felt fedora box set, packaged with an accessory pack of hatpins and feathers, which can be interchanged and added to the hat according to an outfit or mood of the wearer.

Each box set merges 3 products in one, to create an heirloom that can be passed on for generations:

At £750 each, these PIMP hats do not come cheap! So when you are walking down the street is your full PIMP suit with matching ALIFE x Kangol PIMP hat, and some dirty little chav swipes the hat from your head; make sure you are wearing your Nikes, because you will be chasing him ‘£750 running away’.


28 01 2007

I think that its fair to say that we ‘PHD’ have a love of London Based designers ‘Maharishi’! You are probably now wondering what we are getting for this from Maharishi? The answer is nothing!

We have been sucked in by the Bonsai print! We love the Bonsai print; put it on everything! and thats just what Maharishi do!

maharishi beltMaharishi SpeakersMaharishi bean bag! Maharishi umbrelaMaharishi Travel card holder.Dpmhi Victorinox Penknife.DPM Identifier Skateboard Deck Bonsai Fores5114C Lined Sikh Mhi65 Jacket.

If Maharishi do fancy giving us something…..


23 01 2007

Have you got a spare couple of minutes? Do you know something about furniture? Then please fill in this nice questionnaire.


14 01 2007

Fresh of the press…..

Bathing Ape released the following today: