Shin Tanaka

21 12 2006

Perhaps one of the most entertaining finds that we have had this year ‘Shin Tanaka’!


Graffiti writer, Paper toy creator, Tee designer, and Web designer; is their anything that this guy doesn’t put his hand too? Anyway, that’s enough about the guy himself, what we are impressed with is his paper toy website.


ohashi-lab. Is a site dedicated to paper design. Shin Tanaka has used his talents to produce numerous paper designs that you can download, print and make! We have already spent hours making Mask Hoodies ‘all now lined up on the top of our Mac’. You also get the choice of downloading a template and designing your very own paper toy.


There are numerous designs available on the site, ranging from paper sneakers to paper cars.

So if funds are low this Christmas and you are a wiz with a design package ‘Illustrator/Photoshop’; download a template and give your friends your very own Mask Hoody.


Watch out for the PHD paper toy coming soon……




One response

30 04 2007
jamie wank

i like hats with cheese on top

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