20 12 2006

This years top 3 Christmas toys ‘What happened   to Transformers’?;

1) TMX ELMO – Tickle Me Elmo

The amazing red furry Elmo created especially to celebrate Tickle Me Elmo’s 10th anniversary is THE hottest toy of the year. As per expectations, TMX Elmo is flying off the shelves faster than he even got there in the first place! So, what’s so special about this giggly little red hairy guy? Well, tickle him to find out! His antics are so funny, and the best part is that they are totally contagious!


2) Fisher Price Kid Tough Kid’s Digital Camera

This rugged digital camera has been designed especially for kids, and Fisher Price has done an excellent job with it. Easy to use, with big buttons and simplified functions, the Kid Tough Digital Camera actually captures images which have decent resolution. Images can be viewed on the LCD screen or uploaded to mom or dad’s computer. An expensive buy, but one well worth it for the tech-savvy kids of today.


3) Barbie MyScene Bling Bling Styling Head

Ooh, if looks could kill! The MyScene Bling Styling Head is all glitter and glam. The Barbie styling heads have been popular for the last couple of years, and this one is no exception. The showy accessories, makeup and jewelery that come along with the sultry styling head makes the My Scene Bling Styling Head a must for the young fashion divas in the making.




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18 01 2007

This post, however off-topic it may be, is about Internet freedom. \”Network Neutrality\” — the First Amendment of the Internet — ensures that the public can view the smallest blog just as easily as the largest corporate Web site by preventing Internet companies like AT&T from rigging the playing field for only the highest-paying sites.

But Internet providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress to gut Net Neutrality. If Congress doesn\’t take action now to implement meaningful Net Neutrality provisions, the future of the Internet is at risk.

In the end game, only large companies will afford domains if the communications monopolies have their way with this. This of course isnt new news, but its coming to a head and blogs like this one will be a ghosttown unless all of us figure it our pretty darn quick. I wont post any links, but advise that if you value the internet, and blogs likw this one, that you search Google for \”Network Neutrality\” and educate yourself on this issue as it effects all of us.

25 01 2007

He speaks the truth!

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