22 12 2006



Shin Tanaka

21 12 2006

Perhaps one of the most entertaining finds that we have had this year ‘Shin Tanaka’!


Graffiti writer, Paper toy creator, Tee designer, and Web designer; is their anything that this guy doesn’t put his hand too? Anyway, that’s enough about the guy himself, what we are impressed with is his paper toy website.


ohashi-lab. Is a site dedicated to paper design. Shin Tanaka has used his talents to produce numerous paper designs that you can download, print and make! We have already spent hours making Mask Hoodies ‘all now lined up on the top of our Mac’. You also get the choice of downloading a template and designing your very own paper toy.


There are numerous designs available on the site, ranging from paper sneakers to paper cars.

So if funds are low this Christmas and you are a wiz with a design package ‘Illustrator/Photoshop’; download a template and give your friends your very own Mask Hoody.


Watch out for the PHD paper toy coming soon……


20 12 2006


Hype This


20 12 2006


The Guys over at Triumvir will be releasing two new hoodies any time now ‘end of December’. The Flying Tiger and Stoned Paisley hoodies will come with a matching mask.  Not to sure about the mask ‘we can already see people beeing stuckup by Triumvir wearing thugs’, but the hoodies are looking pretty fresh.

Hoodies are huge at the moment and there is plenty of choice; Bathing Ape, Maharishi, Artful Dodger….. Take your pick!

Check out more pics after the jump.



20 12 2006

This years top 3 Christmas toys ‘What happened   to Transformers’?;

1) TMX ELMO – Tickle Me Elmo

The amazing red furry Elmo created especially to celebrate Tickle Me Elmo’s 10th anniversary is THE hottest toy of the year. As per expectations, TMX Elmo is flying off the shelves faster than he even got there in the first place! So, what’s so special about this giggly little red hairy guy? Well, tickle him to find out! His antics are so funny, and the best part is that they are totally contagious!


2) Fisher Price Kid Tough Kid’s Digital Camera

This rugged digital camera has been designed especially for kids, and Fisher Price has done an excellent job with it. Easy to use, with big buttons and simplified functions, the Kid Tough Digital Camera actually captures images which have decent resolution. Images can be viewed on the LCD screen or uploaded to mom or dad’s computer. An expensive buy, but one well worth it for the tech-savvy kids of today.


3) Barbie MyScene Bling Bling Styling Head

Ooh, if looks could kill! The MyScene Bling Styling Head is all glitter and glam. The Barbie styling heads have been popular for the last couple of years, and this one is no exception. The showy accessories, makeup and jewelery that come along with the sultry styling head makes the My Scene Bling Styling Head a must for the young fashion divas in the making.


20 12 2006

Whats on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Remeber, Christmas is also a time for giving……


15 12 2006

This weekend we ‘PHD Blog’, are on the lookout for new PHD bloggers.

If you feel that you have what it takes ‘knowledge’, then please get in touch!