GQ Taiwan x Microsoft x Freshness Presents: FUSED

19 10 2006

Talk about a monster collab. GQ Taiwan, Microsoft, and Freshness are joining forces to present to the masses, FUSED. FUSED is both a celebration and an exhibit that mixes technology and sub-culture artistic expressions. 10 artists which includes 123KLAN (France), DAVE WHITE (UK) , DED (UK) , HONEST (US) , DOPPEL (Japan) , MEG aka Trip (Japan) , PHUNK STUDIO (Singapore), SBTG (Singapore), ELECTROLYCHEE (Philippines), and, BOUNCE (Taiwan) were chosen to convey their exceptional art styles onto Microsoft XBOX 360’s. Once these XBOX 360’s have been displayed, a charity auction will be held for them with all proceeds going to WORLD VISION CHARITY.


Its a shame that its not English

Exhibition Date: October 10th (Tuesday) – October 22 (Sunday)

Eslite Bookstore (Hsin-Yi Flagship) 1st Floor
11, SongGao Road, Hsin-Yi District,
Taipei, Taiwan

Image/Info: Freshness , Hypebeast







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