Sneaks for Halloween

8 10 2006




Halloween is approaching us. A time to dress as a ghost, knock an old persons door, scare the shit out of them, and get a reward from it! But wait, we are no longer 9 years old; we can no longer get away with dressing up as Dracula and making an arse of your self ‘unless you are a student’.



But wait, not all is lost. Its now possible to still look cool and have a subtle Halloween piece. Nike, Adidas and Bathing ape have all seen the potential for themed kicks and none of them have let us down!




A Bathing Ape has recently released 3 new colour ways to celebrate Halloween. These three pairs include a Frankenstein Bapesta, a Mummy Bapesta and a Dracula Bapesta. These are not the first Halloween kicks by Bathing Ape, and rumors are that there is already another upcoming 2006 Halloween BapeStas special. Bape also have their themed tee’s, so you can have matching kicks and tee ‘a Halloween Bape’.





Nike, normally the first to come up with any idea and concept have over the years produced various limited, themed kicks. They have come up with 3 variations for this fall; Nike Dunk Low Pro B Halloween, the Air Max 97 Halloween, and the Air Force one Halloween. The 3 variations mean that there is a kick for any sneaker freakers taste.




Of course not to be left out is Adidas. Off the back of the Superstar campaign, Adidas is still trying to replicate the success. This is now normally done in the shape of a Superstar. The Adidas Superstar Halloween subdued kick compared to the others. Besides the orange there is the “Scream” mask, the Adidas Superstar also comes with Halloween laces.




Ok then, which kick will we be wearing on this Halloween? If we had the choice and if we can get our hands on a pair it will be the Air Max 97 Halloween! These are an all year round kick, not just for Halloween, and they will do the job ‘scare old people and make children cry.’ Our least favorite kick for this Halloween will have to be the Adidas Superstar. Sorry, but these are nothing special!

What kicks will you be wearing this Halloween?






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