4 10 2006

The UK Hip Hop scene is awakening. Its dragging itself out of shadows of American Hip Hop and proving to the music industry that it is a force to be reckoned with. With artists such as Foreign beggars, TY, The Streets, Evil Ed and Dissy Rascal, Uk Hip hop is prepared to rise and challenge!

The explosion of UK Hip hop has provided an avenue for upcoming artists. Fresh on the scene, ‘and a PHD exclusive’; BL Conextion.

From the streets of Greater Manchester these young dogs take their name from the infused talent of their members ‘all being from postal codes of BL’.

We have had the great opportunity to get our hands on some of their raw material, and we like what we hear!

Expect big things, and more inside scoops!

Hate The Game ‘Explict’

One Chance ‘Radio Edit’




3 responses

5 10 2006

Nice 1 PHD, big shouts and respect for what you have done for us. we be feelin that, especially DEAN, big ups mate. thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks……… LAINE

5 10 2006

we have got it sorted for you guys…

5 10 2006

buzzin that lads nice 1 if you can put all them tunes on that ive sent you as a lil taste of whats 2 come for the people who like it haha nice 1 PHD

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