Weeklydrop LIVE at MAGIC 2006 ‘Various Interviews:

12 09 2006

HomeRoom Clothing

We get a special visit from HomeRoom Clothing, a new project bridging hand tailored hoodies with crystal laced zippers. Home Room is bringing their own SF style to the table, showing us that good change can come to a timeless commodity.

Download Weeklydrop MAGIC with HomeRoom Clothing


Bijules. NY based jewelery designer Bijules joins Weeklydrop live from the KDU Suite at the MAGIC Vegas show in August 2006, Join us for some dirty talk in the way that only Bijules can throw it.

This perhaps has to be one of the most annoying people we have ever heard!

Download Weeklydrop MAGIC with Bijules


We move on to the Venetian to spend some quality time with the boys from Proof7. Mixing print backgrounds with a sense for change, these guys have the right attitude to and energey to keep it rolling. They kept us laughing, which is half the battle.

Download Weeklydrop MAGIC with Proof7


This is the just the start of it! The Weeklydrop Crew was live at MAGIC in Las Vegas taping hours of live interviews for your asses! We loaded up so get ready for a hefty dumping of interviews!

How better to start it off then with some slapstick rants with none other than Stash! If youre expecting some intelligent sneaker talk, I would close this window now!

Download Weeklydrop MAGIC with Stash




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