No more clones!

30 08 2006

The Adidas Superstar Anniversary series featured some of the finest sneaks I have ever seen or will see.

The whole experience was fantastic; ‘hunting down the sneaks, knowing that there are only a limited amount of people who had the same sneaks as you, all the hype surrounding the project,’ we all went crazy for Adidas!

Since the Anniversary series came to an end it seems that every release is trying to emulate the whole ethos ‘limited in number, hard to get hold of, secret release dates, collaborations and so on and so on’.

The whole Adicolor project was a joke, why did Adidas bother! It only made us appreciate our Anniversary sneakers even more.

I have had a pair of Lee Quinones boxed away for some time. I made an uncalculated risk and purchased a size 9.5 when I’m really a size 10, and obviously they do not fit! So, I made the decision to auction them off, pass them onto another Adidas head whom was not fortunate enough to get their hands on them the first time round, and truth be said; recoup my losses and maybe a little more.

Before placing my sneaks on the ‘Bay’, I looked to see if there were any on there. I fell of my seat when I saw that there must have been about 30-50 pairs already listed, and even more to my disbelieve; they where mostly listed at £30 ‘buy it now’. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, knowing what I know, these sneaks had to be replica; in fact I would put my house on it! This means that my original, authentic, limited in number, Adidas Lee Quinones are now quite worthless ‘well worth £30!’ I could resign in the fact though that those £30 Lee Quinones from the far East would probably fall to pieces after one wear, feature poor stitching, and overall a bag of shite ‘nothing like my original sneaks’.

Curiosity got the better of me after a few days, and I found myself ordering a pair of these cheap, replica sneakers so I could laugh at them once I received them ‘if I ever did’. Surely enough, 4 days later the sneakers arrived ‘I was even given a tracking number to track there lustrous progress from Malaysia. I opened the packing to find what looks to be an original Adidas Anniversary Box ‘well that’s not hard to fake’, compared it to several of my original boxes; exactly the same! The sneaks, accompanied by 3 pairs of laces, tags and documents are also identical to my originals ‘stitching, colour, quality’, bar these cheap ones fit me ‘I ordered a size 10’.

So what’s going on here?? I paid £120 for my originals and only £30 for these supposedly original; replicas, who’s been had?

Ok then, these replicas ‘or whatever they are’, are being made on a huge scale. Adidas deny all knowledge and say that if you buy them you are funding Terrorism ‘isn’t everything these days’, but this operation is too big and too good for a back street shoemaker! To create such precision replica sneakers you need backing and resources. Resources such as the originals that where used on the original project; equipment and manpower.

I recently read an article in Sneaker Freaker that covered this subject. It concluded that replicas are just that; cheap nasty replicas that will do you harm! But I do not see this to be the case; there are cheap nasty replicas out there, made in back street shops, thrown together with bubble gum, rubber, and string, but there is also a new wave of replica, a replica that is identical to the real thing, a clone!

cloned lee quinones




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