The new Dave White Brand

29 08 2006

There has been some talk for some time that Dave White would be releasing his own clothing label. Dave’s artwork has been a success to date and we all imagined that his much highly anticipated clothing label would follow in its footsteps.

It was announced this week that the ‘Dave White Brand’ was now official and examples of the range are now available.

Initial views do not seem to be very good at all! Here are a few thoughts from the members on Crooked Tongues forum:

“Sorry Dave!I am old and “I wouldn’t tek’ me dog rattin’ in ’em!”

“They look like that Wade Akedmi? You know who I mean, did them tosspot clothes and hats with dodgy writing on you saw z-list celebs wearing and probably premiership footballers”

“Some of the tshirts are alright but im not feeling the hoodys and stuff”

“I can’t understand why he’s put his name to such toss, a couple of years ago aspecto stocked some tees and sweats of his and they were very nice. This stuff is pure sh*te though.”

“Yeap thats all pretty offensive honestly this is what happens when you have a f*cking circle jerk scene where all these industry people just pat each other on the back and tell each other how great they are doing.they all need to take a breather from sucking cock and take a long hard look at the utter crap they are churning out.”

“This looks like the kind of fake Wale stuff you ifnd in Walthamstow market.Absolute joke, I’d be shocked if this is sold anywhere other than my local JD (not even in Size FFS). Who the hell as an ‘urban streetwear’ buyer would pick this stuff up to sell in their shop other than his mates?

I have no idea what Dave is like as a person, I genuinely liked his OG micropacer painting from a while back but that was before I realised that he’s a 1 trick pony.

Wasted opportunity and proof that theres a disticnt lack of innovation in ‘urban streetwaer’ in the UK at the moment.”

We have to side with the views of the Crooked Tongues members; This range is not what we expected at all! As we have said before, stick to what you are good at!

The clothing industry must be the hardiest to break, when it goes right you have yourself a golden ticket, and when it goes wrong, well you know about it. We would like to know what Dave’s opinion to this is.

This could be a slippy slope!






Read Dave Whites interview at Hyperbeast and see more of the new Dave White Brand.




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