17 08 2006

crooked tongues

“Right folks, time to show and prove. As part of Nike’s ‘Festival Of Air 2006’ celebrations at Oxford Street’s NikeTown, Crooked Tongues and Nike have collaborated for one very special evening to offer you the chance to display your Air bubbled treasures, whether they’re new or vintage, pedigree or mongrel to determine the overall Best In Show.

Total, Tuned, Zoom, Max, visible or out of sight – whatever the Air unit and regardless of age, we want to see it shown on the 31st of August. The aim? To celebrate all things Air, from the obvious to the obscure, and display one of the most impressive collections of Nike Air the UK has ever seen, as we host host one of the biggest sneaker-related events to occur on these shores. You’ll be the judges on the night and as per usual, especially seeing as there’s a distinct lack of CT BBQ this year, there’ll be the Crooked party atmosphere you’ve come to expect, with VIP treatment for all show entrants, so break out the wipes, dig in the crates and get those puppies ready for their big day.

Naturally, there are plenty of other titles up for grabs and the prizes range from much-sought after Nike iD studio action on the night to some serious heat for the overall gold, silver and bronze winners. Forget any fear of ‘cliques’ cleaning up – if you’ve got a shoe you’re proud of, whether it’s one pair or ten, then it’s your duty as a CT member to take part. And as for those corny competitions orchestrated in the US, round these parts we don’t play that, so our tongues are firmly in our cheeks, even though the shoes and ensuing rewards are deadly serious.

Check out Crooked over the next few days for further details on what’s shaping up to be one of the sneaker events of the year.” Crooked Tongues

Sounds bloody good to us!




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