EMINEM x Nike Air Max for Charity

31 08 2006


EMINEM and Nike teamed up for the second time to raise funds for charity. In this new collaboration, Eminem has designd a series of Air Max sneakers; from the original Air Max 1 to the most recent Air Max 360. Eight sets making up 64 pairs of Air Max sneakers will be auctioned off in a four week period, starting August 31, 2006, will raise funds for the Marshall Mathers Foundation and ninemillion.org. EMINEM is a big sneaker head

Unique product collaboration is born to help raise funds for the Marshall Mathers Foundation and ninemillion.org –

Multi-platinum rapper Eminem and Nike, the world’s leading sports and fitness company, have joined forces to create a limited edition run of the iconic Air Max series to benefit charity. An ardent fan of the Air Max and avid collector of sneakers, Slim Shady jumped at the chance to imprint his own personal touch on the world of sneaker collectors and raise funds for disadvantaged youths, both in his home state of Mitchigan, USA, and around the world in refugee camps.

Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) has turned his talents to designing limited-edition uppers of eight different shoes in the Air Max series; from the Air Max ’87 (originally designed by Tinker Hatfield, one of the world’s foremost footwear designers), all the way up to the most recent Air Max 360, the new full-length Air technology from Nike. His reinterpretation of the upper has been laid onto the original blueprints for each of the Air Max shoes to create a unique set of shoe designs. “If you told me ten years ago that I’d be designing this whole series of Air Max’s, I never would have believed it,” commented Eminem. “It’s one of the hottest lines that Nike ever produced, so I’m honored to make my own contribution. My only problem was figuring out how to make the shoes different from stuff they’ve already done: Nike always has the dopest color combos.”

Only 8 full sets of the footwear (64 pairs of shoes in total), will be produced before they are auctioned off over a period of 4 weeks, starting August 31st, to help raise money for the Marshall Mathers Foundation and ninemillion.org. All 64 pairs will be numbered and autographed by Eminem making them true collectors items in every sense.

Eminem remarks: “We’re always looking for new ways to try raise money and awareness for the foundation, so when Nike approached us we jumped at the chance. When we got the info on ninemillion.org, it made even more sense. Who wouldn’t want to design their own line of Nikes? And to do it for charity makes it that much better.”

Throughout its history the Air Max series has set a benchmark in sports performance, continually elevating product design and technology to new levels.


All 8 styles will still be auctioned off at Nike stores and on eBay, with the proceeds going directly to ninemillion.org and the Marshall Mathers Foundation. All proceeds will be shared on an equal basis between the two charities.

Date Location Shoes Quantity

31st August NikeTown London Air Max ’87 1 pair

Air Max ‘90 1 pair

12th September eBay Air Max ’87 7 pairs

Air Max ’90 7 pairs

16th September NikeTown Berlin Air Max 180 1 pair

Air Max 93 1 pair

19th September eBay Air Max 180 7 pairs

Air Max ’93 7 pairs

22nd September Nike Store, Paris Air Max ’95 1 pair

Air Max ’97 1 pair

26th September eBay Air Max ’95 7 pairs

Air Max ’97 7 pairs

28th September NikeTown London Air Max ’03 1 pair

Air Max ’06 1 pair

3rd October eBay Air Max ’03 7 pairs

Air Max ’06 7 pairs

The first auction will take place on August 31st , in conjunction with a event at NikeTown London. During this session one pair of both the Max 1 and the Max 90 will be put up for offer, with both styles then being posted for auction on Ebay.

All eBay auctions will begin on each of the allocated Tuesdays at 00:00 hours, running for 7 days and finishing at 23:59 hours the following Monday.

About NineMillion.org

Ninemillion.org is a innovative global campaign led by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), with founding partners Nike and Microsoft to raise awareness and funds to bring education and sport programs to the world’s refugee youth. The campaign represents the nine million forgotten refugee youth across the globe, many of whom do not have the opportunity to learn and play. Nine million faces, nine million names. Nine million stories. For further information visit media.ninemillion.org

About the Marshall Mathers Foundation:

The Marshall Mathers Foundation is a non-profit corporation set up to provide funds for organizations working with troubled youth in southeast Michigan.

Well done Eminem! Keep up the good work for charity!
Thanks toFreshness for the image.


No more clones!

30 08 2006

The Adidas Superstar Anniversary series featured some of the finest sneaks I have ever seen or will see.

The whole experience was fantastic; ‘hunting down the sneaks, knowing that there are only a limited amount of people who had the same sneaks as you, all the hype surrounding the project,’ we all went crazy for Adidas!

Since the Anniversary series came to an end it seems that every release is trying to emulate the whole ethos ‘limited in number, hard to get hold of, secret release dates, collaborations and so on and so on’.

The whole Adicolor project was a joke, why did Adidas bother! It only made us appreciate our Anniversary sneakers even more.

I have had a pair of Lee Quinones boxed away for some time. I made an uncalculated risk and purchased a size 9.5 when I’m really a size 10, and obviously they do not fit! So, I made the decision to auction them off, pass them onto another Adidas head whom was not fortunate enough to get their hands on them the first time round, and truth be said; recoup my losses and maybe a little more.

Before placing my sneaks on the ‘Bay’, I looked to see if there were any on there. I fell of my seat when I saw that there must have been about 30-50 pairs already listed, and even more to my disbelieve; they where mostly listed at £30 ‘buy it now’. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, knowing what I know, these sneaks had to be replica; in fact I would put my house on it! This means that my original, authentic, limited in number, Adidas Lee Quinones are now quite worthless ‘well worth £30!’ I could resign in the fact though that those £30 Lee Quinones from the far East would probably fall to pieces after one wear, feature poor stitching, and overall a bag of shite ‘nothing like my original sneaks’.

Curiosity got the better of me after a few days, and I found myself ordering a pair of these cheap, replica sneakers so I could laugh at them once I received them ‘if I ever did’. Surely enough, 4 days later the sneakers arrived ‘I was even given a tracking number to track there lustrous progress from Malaysia. I opened the packing to find what looks to be an original Adidas Anniversary Box ‘well that’s not hard to fake’, compared it to several of my original boxes; exactly the same! The sneaks, accompanied by 3 pairs of laces, tags and documents are also identical to my originals ‘stitching, colour, quality’, bar these cheap ones fit me ‘I ordered a size 10’.

So what’s going on here?? I paid £120 for my originals and only £30 for these supposedly original; replicas, who’s been had?

Ok then, these replicas ‘or whatever they are’, are being made on a huge scale. Adidas deny all knowledge and say that if you buy them you are funding Terrorism ‘isn’t everything these days’, but this operation is too big and too good for a back street shoemaker! To create such precision replica sneakers you need backing and resources. Resources such as the originals that where used on the original project; equipment and manpower.

I recently read an article in Sneaker Freaker that covered this subject. It concluded that replicas are just that; cheap nasty replicas that will do you harm! But I do not see this to be the case; there are cheap nasty replicas out there, made in back street shops, thrown together with bubble gum, rubber, and string, but there is also a new wave of replica, a replica that is identical to the real thing, a clone!

cloned lee quinones

The new Dave White Brand

29 08 2006

There has been some talk for some time that Dave White would be releasing his own clothing label. Dave’s artwork has been a success to date and we all imagined that his much highly anticipated clothing label would follow in its footsteps.

It was announced this week that the ‘Dave White Brand’ was now official and examples of the range are now available.

Initial views do not seem to be very good at all! Here are a few thoughts from the members on Crooked Tongues forum:

“Sorry Dave!I am old and “I wouldn’t tek’ me dog rattin’ in ’em!”

“They look like that Wade Akedmi? You know who I mean, did them tosspot clothes and hats with dodgy writing on you saw z-list celebs wearing and probably premiership footballers”

“Some of the tshirts are alright but im not feeling the hoodys and stuff”

“I can’t understand why he’s put his name to such toss, a couple of years ago aspecto stocked some tees and sweats of his and they were very nice. This stuff is pure sh*te though.”

“Yeap thats all pretty offensive honestly this is what happens when you have a f*cking circle jerk scene where all these industry people just pat each other on the back and tell each other how great they are doing.they all need to take a breather from sucking cock and take a long hard look at the utter crap they are churning out.”

“This looks like the kind of fake Wale stuff you ifnd in Walthamstow market.Absolute joke, I’d be shocked if this is sold anywhere other than my local JD (not even in Size FFS). Who the hell as an ‘urban streetwear’ buyer would pick this stuff up to sell in their shop other than his mates?

I have no idea what Dave is like as a person, I genuinely liked his OG micropacer painting from a while back but that was before I realised that he’s a 1 trick pony.

Wasted opportunity and proof that theres a disticnt lack of innovation in ‘urban streetwaer’ in the UK at the moment.”

We have to side with the views of the Crooked Tongues members; This range is not what we expected at all! As we have said before, stick to what you are good at!

The clothing industry must be the hardiest to break, when it goes right you have yourself a golden ticket, and when it goes wrong, well you know about it. We would like to know what Dave’s opinion to this is.

This could be a slippy slope!






Read Dave Whites interview at Hyperbeast and see more of the new Dave White Brand.

Adidas Adicolor Red Advert

28 08 2006

Just like the Adicolor range, this advert didnt do anything for us!

WARNING: not for children!

More Adicolor adverts to come…

Bathing Ape Shark Hoodies Launch

27 08 2006

With great anticipation, A BATHING APE released their 2nd series of their “Shark” hoodies yesturday, August 26th, at all BAPE locations in Japan. The hoodies came in 2 colorways: orange and grey. There is also an exclusive colorway, in black and red, only available at the BAPEXCLUSIVE location in Aoyama, Tokyo.

The exculsive colorway gathered more than 1000 people by 10:30am outside of BAPEXCLUSIVE. A drawing then took place to determine the purchase. The store finally opened around 1pm, and everyone went Ape!
Thanks to Freshness for the info and pics!

bathing ape


going ape

Adidas x Jenna Jameson ‘Adicolor’

26 08 2006

Not even this advert from Adidas ‘featuring Jenna Jameson‘, tempted us to get a pair of the Adicolor!

We will be bringing you more of the Adicolor adverts


25 08 2006


To go alongside his first Japanese exhibition in March/April 2001, Little More Publishing produced this limited-edition book of 78 pages of Kaws’s poster tweakings, KAWS One.

As well as the usual posters and billboard defacements/improvements, there are also bits of his artwork (such as The Simpsons Kaws-ified) and other little things like the billboard he did for Relax magazine.

This KAWS One edition is getting more and more rare and comes in at around 78 pages long and in hard back.