Adidas for Yohji Yamamoto:

30 05 2006

“Today sport shoes are being created as if they were actually part of the human body. The sports world and its technology seek for necessity, practicality or functionality, attempting to reduce excess, while fashion is seeking the opposite.”
Yohji Yamamoto

Adidas for Yohji Yamamoto portrays an artistic yet humorous approach to a collection of sport shoes. Once again, Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas have united two seeming opposites, creating an unusual approach in design. This new range consists of high performance footwear that is both functional and aesthetically characteristic of Yohji Yamamoto’s sense of fashion, art and engineering.

The Tunit YY is based on the Adidas SOCCER +F50 Tunit technology, the first ever modular football boot, and comes in four different versions that incorporate drawings of worldwide renowned Japeanese artist TAISHI HAYASHI:

The Tiger in gold, white and black, the Eagle in pink, white and red, the Wolf metallic silver, black and white, and the Dragon in blue, light red and royal blue.

Each is limited to 1000 pairs worldwide, available June 2006.

These boots look amazing!




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