26 05 2006

Whilst searching the net, we have come across Traxi!

Trexi, a 3-inch tall action figure with a rotating head and articulated limbs, was designed and conceived by Playland Imaginative over a period of three months. In its simplest form, Trexi is meant to be a ‘toy with attitude and raging with personality’. Brought to life by designer Darren Gan and founder Jacky Teo, Trexi is a toy that can be personalised in a variety of styles by different artists. Designers include graffiti artist NYC LASE, toy designer Tim Tsui, graphic artist No Pattern, fashion designer Jenna Rivers of SVSV, and sneaker designer Jason Bass. Trexi is a definitive character that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces and an affable character to be well loved by all!

These little figures have caused quite a stare in the office at Hype ‘we love them’. Its only going to be a matter of time until we customize our own Hyped Trexi ‘keep an eye open’.




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